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Well-being is one of those terms that encompasses an array of elements. In order to have a solid sense of well-being we need to attend to the spiritual, emotional, social and physical elements of our being. By bringing awareness to the state of your inner and outer sanctums, and seeking out tools and resources that resonate with you, you place yourself in the best position to enhance your sense of well-being .

This week I have invited 10 passionate game changers, who inspire me daily, onto the blog, to share with us some wise words and pointers on various topics, covering everything from fitness to living intuitively .

I hope any of the following words that resonate with you, find a place in your personally tailored “Well-being Maintenance Tool Kit” and that you are able to draw upon these tips as you navigate your way to a wholehearted and holistic life.

Rachel MacDonald
Words on – Keeping a positive frame of mind

Rachel MacDonald – In Spaces Between
Writer, Mentor, Speaker & Spirited Creator

How do I stay positive and motivated? I’ve gotta say there’s no one trick, or single magic answer — instead, what I’ve found to be true in my life is that motivation is a by-product of committing, with unwavering devotion, to my well-being on EVERY level. And doing that as often as possible.

What that means is nourishing myself emotionally, through love and connection; mentally, by feeding my mind with knowledge that empowers me; physically, though intentional movement and energising food; and spiritually, through meditation and self-enquiry.

When I consistently dismantle everything in my life that seems burdensome and complicated, and invite in more of that which serves me AND helps me serve others, there’s an energetic force that guides my actions.And the funny thing is, I don’t have to force anything. It flows. Enthusiasm abounds.
What I know for sure is it’s easy to get inspired to lean into all life has to offer when you’re feeling really, freaking good.


Harry & Frase

Words on Nourishing yourself naturally.
Harriet & Fraser – Natural Harry

Holistic Health Coach & Carpenter
Facebook: www.facebook.com/naturalharry
Instagram: http://instagram.com/natural_harry

Website: http://naturalharry.com.au/

Nourishing yourself and taking the highest loving care of your body can sometimes seem so complex. The more we learn the more options and conflicting advice we receive. There is always a new fad materializing, a new amazing product appearing on the market with tempting packaging and tag lines to boot. I don’t know about you but in the very beginning of my wellness journey I found this totally overwhelming.

The more I read about nutrition, all the different dietary theories: Paleo, vegan, raw vegan, vegetarian, juice fasting, green smoothies, fermented food, super food powders, Alkaline etc. The more a reoccurring pattern stood out to me. And I was surprised to discover that it was actually quite simple and achievable:

Eat more plants
Drink more water
Eat wholefood wherever possible
Eliminate processed foods
Move your body daily
Regularly get more than 8 hrs sleep a night.

It is one thing to educate yourself, consume all the amazing blog posts, videos, books, pdfs, and workshops in the world but it is quite another to put all of this amazing knowledge into practice and then to stay on that path of health and healing with ease.

Check in with yourself as often as possible. Ideally every time you prepare a meal or chose an item from a menu. Ask yourself, will this meal nourish my body and make me feel alive and vibrant?

Gather your evidence. When I began to make minor adjustments to my diet even in the beginning, the slightest choice would make the most enormous impact. Having fresh fruit and nuts as a snack instead of a processed biscuit would leave me feeling lighter and with more energy.

Paying close attention to your body and its reactions to certain foods has been the most valuable tool on my health journey.

And then the big reward? Taking all of these tiny lessons and bundle them into a great big pile of positive affirmation that you are on the right track.


Words on making healthy eating appealing to non-health nuts

Kate Bradley – Kenko Kitchen
Wholefoods cook, stylist & author of The Kenko Kitchen Cookbook
Instagram: http://instagram.com/kenkokitchen
Facebook: http://facebook.com/kenkokitchenau
Website: http://www.kenkokitchen.com

I know first hand how difficult it can be to convince a junk food lover that the healthy option is the better choice over a sugar and gluten laden dish.

For me I always like to find out what dishes a person loves first and then try to recreate this in a healthy way for them. This shows them that you can still have your cake, pasta, burger, curry or pizza and you don’t have to miss out on flavour! It might involve something as simple as substituting sugar for coconut sugar or stevia when making a cake, swapping full cream milk for unsweetened almond milk in their iced chocolate or something as easy as swapping wheat pasta for zucchini or buckwheat noodles.

Don’t try and force a healthy diet onto them and never try and make them eat a raw kale salad straight away. Ease them into it in a more subtle way by just reinventing what they love.

Jamie Gonzalez
Words on staying present

Jamie Gonzalez

Mentor, Writer & Speaker
Website: http://jamiegonzalez.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/iamjamiegonzalez
Instagram: http://instagram.com/jamie_gonzalez

Very often, people approach me and ask if I can help motivate them. I tell them that if I were to motivate them, I would only be placing a Band Aid over what the real issue is.

We don’t need to be motivated. Rather, we must find what naturally inspires us through only doing what we love. When we are doing something that we love, we feel naturally inspired and find ourselves already motivated.

The same thing holds true for presence. When we are doing what we truly love without need or agenda, we experience presence. It’s only when we go against what we love that we fall out of presence.

So, find your moment by focusing on your breathing. Notice that your mind eventually becomes quiet. Then, in this space, take it step by step. Notice when you feel yourself leaving this space. In this direct experience, you will see what distracts you. It may be thoughts, the past, the future, your judgments, labeling of circumstances or situations…

Whatever it may be, in noticing it, you now have a choice to become present again and focus on what feels true for you in this moment.

Here are some of my life hacks on staying present;

–       Bring awareness to your breath and at the same time feel the sensations of your feet upon the ground.

–       Don’t judge yourself for not being present, the moment you notice your not, you just became present.

–       In the beginning of practicing presence, set a subtle alarm on your phone for every 30min during the day to remind you to take a breath.

Words on staying fit

Elise Carver – Little Bantam

Surf Style Coach
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bantamdigitalmarketing
Instagram: http://instagram.com/littlebantamsurftrainer
Website; http://www.littlebantamhealthandfitness.com.au/

1. Drink plenty of WATER – did you know our bodies on average hold up to 5kgs of poop! Yep, we are literally full of shit! So drink up and stay regular! 1Ltr per 30kgs!

2. Eat plenty of GREENS – I’m talking ALL veges here folks, not just the superfood kind! Fiber & Vitamins!

3. Do at least 20mins of movement EACH DAY! – Not a single day should go by where you have not moved, walked, stretch, etc – you need to keep your endorphins up and this doesn’t happen sitting down! Unless you scoff chocolate…

4. Find something active that’s FUN! – Best way to stay physically motivated! Like Shallow Water Training?

5. DE STRESS – stress is the devil! If you’re stressed or tired your metabolism takes a hit as well as your motivation so stay stress free, you need to love life not hate it!

Kate Toholka_140

Words on getting things done
Kate Toholka

Success Coach & Author
Website: www.katetoholka.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/kate_toholka
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kate.toholka

I’m not a huge fan of motivation. Inspiration on the other hand, I’m all over it. Inspiration is when you are internally powered to do something, whereas motivation requires some sort of external reward or encouragement.

 It’s very hard to get things done when you aren’t passionate about it. I should know – I wasted many hours in my old job only to now work hard and a lot more productive working in my passion of coaching and writing. If you’re struggling to get things done, ask yourself: “Am I passionate about this?” If you aren’t, start taking the steps towards living a passionate life.

That said there are times when we are doing what we love but feeling very stuck. The best way to get unstuck? Move. Whether it’s moving your body or simply changing your environment, move out of the stuckness and into inspiration.

Words on fueling creativity
Jenna Hutchinson – Love Ludie

Creative Director / Communications + Operations Manager

Website: www.loveludie.com
Instagram: http://instagram.com/loveludie
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loveludie

You have to be prepared to work incredibly hard at this. 

Don’t get caught up and bogged down on one idea. It is all well and good to keep at it but if there is one thing I have learnt you need to have a plan. You need to know what you are going to be doing in 6 months time – map it out, draw it up and create a strategy……..but you also have to be ready to change it. You need to be able to say…okay this isn’t working… and move on very quickly. 

Pinterest is a great tool to fuel creativity and inspiration. It is also a terrible source to replicate something that has already been done. So draw in inspiration from wherever you can and make sure everything you do is organically you. 

Physical mood boards are also a great thing to have above your desk with future ideas a projects, product ranges etc. You need to!

Write everything down – absolutely everything – even if it is just 1 word – or a terrible sketch of something you are trying to imagine, carry around a note book everywhere you go.

Don’t get stuck at home or in the office. Get out of the house – go for a bush walk, go to homewares store, or health food shops. Some of the greatest ideas are always formed away from the desk. 

Print out motivational quote or even phrases you have written yourself – print them out and put them all around your house.


Words on following your heart & living intuitively
Helen Jacobs – The Little Sage

Intuitive, psychic and medium
Website: http://www.thelittlesage.com
Instagram: http://instagram.com/_thelittlesage

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLittleSageAU

 Intuition is your inner tutor, voice, knowing, feeling, or sense. It is knowledge, guidance or wisdom from within – yet, it may only show up in the form of a hunch, sensation, or “just a feeling”. Because of this vague, intangible quality, intuition is often ignored or overlooked by many, particularly those who are preoccupied in their minds, thinking, planning and reacting to life’s events.

Every body is born with intuition, what we like to call your little sage and has the ability to practice living intuitively. At The Little Sage, we believe following your intuition’s guidance on every decision, no matter how small, adds up. That inner guide is connected to a larger, wiser, energy. It knows why you’re here, your soul’s purpose and lessons. Your little sage is always working towards helping you live out the life you were born to live.

You already have the answers to all of your life’s questions within you – look into your spiritual heart and steer away from your head. Your intuition’s role is to work it’s hardest to educate you with all you need to know and encourage you to turn up to the examination room. The rest is over to you.

megan-yonson_1396260863_25 (1)
Words on living sustainably & minimizing wastage
Megan Yonson – Meg And Veg

Nutritionist & writer for IQS

Move over gluten free, sustainability is the new health buzzword on the block.

But what does it actually mean? Well, basically it boils down to taking what you need, no more. Not abusing resources to ensure they’ll be enough in the future.

Great. So how can you do it?

One of the easiest ways to live more sustainably is to reduce wastage. Being a nutritionist and recipe developer means I’m quite obviously a huge foodie. So here are 6 tips on how I reduce food wastage:

1. Use the stems of your herbs. Why do we chuck ‘em out? Chop them up small and fry off with your onion and garlic.

2. Puree broccoli and cauliflower stems. Then use them to bulk out dishes like curries and soups.

3. Save the nubs from veggies. Use carrots, fennel and celery nubs in chicken stock and broths.

4. Store food properly. Never leave anything uncovered in the fridge. Wrap up leafy green veggies into a plastic bag and store your veg in large containers.

5. Freeze ginger and turmeric whole. They don’t last very long in the fruit bowl, and they’re easier to grate this way.

6. And if all else fails: compost.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
Words on identifying the fads associated with leading a healthy lifestyle
Lana Jankovic

Holistic Nutritionist, CNP & Wellness Coach

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lanajankoviccnp
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lanajankovic
Website: www.lanajankovic.ca

A good dose of common sense is the absolute best tool you can arm yourself with when embarking on your healthy living journey. Whenever you come across a seemingly “healthy” option (or a product masquerading as one), ask yourself this:

– Is this REAL whole food, as mother nature would have it?
– Is there any MARKETING behind it? (Think about an apple vs. a weight loss shake – does the apple need its own advertisement?)
– Is the majority of your sustenance coming out of a pill, bottle, or box (shakes, protein powders, meal replacement bars, weight loss teas, etc.)?
– When you read the label, are there ingredients you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce, and do they really need to be in there?
– Is this product/company turning a profit by promising results and an eating regime that is supposedly right
for everybody?
– How does this food make you FEEL when you eat it?

Remember, the whole point is to feel deliciously juiced on all levels – and that includes your mind and soul too. Let this be a gauge as you test out different ways of eating.

When in doubt, stick with the good old basics: plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetables, high quality animal products, whole grains, and the like – in whichever quantities feel best and right for YOU, not anybody else. These foods often don’t come with fancy labels, before and after pictures, empty promises, ingredient list labels, or advertising gimmicks.

 End note from yours truly:
Our sense of well-being often fluctuates at different stages of our lives. At some points we may feel like zen goddesses, at peace with ourselves and in harmony with our surroundings, at other stages we may feel as though our world is crumbling, running wildly out of control and that we have no idea what on earth is going on. Take solace in the fact that this is LIFE, life is forever changing, challenging us, pushing us to grow and evolve.

As time passes, and life experiences or mentors teach us new lessons, take note and allocate them a spot in your “Well-being Maintenance Tool Kit”, because having this carefully crafted resource at your disposal will better equip you to deal with life’s rocky terrain.



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    What an inspiring, thought provoking and informative post. Thank you to everyone for sharing such valuable information!

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