20 uses for Peppermint essential oil + Choc Peppermint Slice Recipe

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Peppermint essential oil is a favourite of mine, for so many reasons. It’s my go to oil daily to ingest, diffuse and apply topically for a range of ailments and for emotional support.

This post not only holds a recipe for the delicious choc peppermint slice that I share at my essential oils classes (passed down to me by Alice Nichols aka The Whole Daily) but also 20 easy ways in which you can use peppermint essential oil in your life daily.

Peppermint – AKA The oil of a buoyant heart

Peppermint is a joyous oil that assist individuals in regaining the strength needed to face their emotional reality. It invigorates and awakens the body, mind and spirit and can be used topically, aromatically or internally for a cooling and enlivening effect.

Peppermint oil assists individuals with negative emotions such as unbearable pain, intense despair, heavy hearted-ness and pessimism. And enhances positive properties such as optimism, strength to face emotional pain, buoyancy and sense of relief.

One thing I will note is please be careful when using near eyes, ears, pits and bits because the natural menthol content of peppermint is very…. lets say fresh!

Listed below are 20 ways wonderful ways you can use peppermint oil daily;

1 – 1 drop peppermint + 1 drop of lemon essential oil in your water bottle to stimulate digestion, ease any nausea especially during times of stress or during nightshift. Water and essential oil generally don’t mix without an emulsifier, so add honey or coconut oil to assist with the distribution and give it a good shake prior to ingesting.

2 – For indigestion mix 1 drop of peppermint oil with a small amount of honey and warm water after a meal.

3 – Mix with fractionated coconut oil and massage into temples to relieve tension headache.

4 – Mix with fractionated coconut oil and rub on the chest or dab underneath noise to open up airways and promote deep breathing.

5 – 1 drop under the tongue prior to physical activity to awaken the body and provide an invigorating rush.

6 – 4 drops in the below recipe for choc peppermint slice

7 – 1 drop in a chocolate smoothie for a choc mint rush

8 – 1-2 drops in hot water for a peppermint tea (therapeutic equivalent of 28 cups of peppermint tea)

9 – Combine in spray bottle with water to use as a breath freshener

10 – Mix with bees wax and coconut oil to create a soothing balm to relieve fevers.

11 – Use 1% dilution of peppermint oil and carrier oil – such as fractionated coconut oil and massage into sore fatigued muscles.

12 – Create a household spray combining 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup of vinegar and 20 drops of peppermint oil to deter bugs and spiders.

13- To deter mice saturate cotton ball with peppermint essential oil and place where the mice have been known to hang out.

14 – Combine 10 drops peppermint and 20 drops lavender in a spray bottle with 1/2 cup of water +/- 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel to use on sunburn for a soothing and cooling effect.

15 – 10 drops peppermint and 20 drops lemon combined with 1/4 cup vinegar and 3/4 cup water to use as a household “spray and wipe” – leaving behind a minty fresh and uplifting aroma.

16 – 2-3 drops of peppermint oil used in a facial steam to cleanse congested skin an kill bacteria.

Peppermint mixes well with a variety of oils my favourite combinations in the diffuser include:
17 – 4x Peppermint + 4x Wild orange – invigorating blend

18 – 4x Peppermint + 4x lemon – focus and awaken blend

19 – 4x Peppermint or Easy Air + 4x Lavender – bedtime blend

20 – 4x Peppermint, 4x Lemon, 3x Rosemary – calming blend

21 – 4x Peppermint, 4x Lemon, 3x Frankincense – meditation blend

I could go on and on however I’ll leave it there for now, as you can probably see peppermint oils is such a valuable asset to have in your possession. What is your favourite way to use peppermint oil?

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