Nightshift Routine
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WOO I can’t wait to start night shift…. said no shift worker ever. Nightshift is unfortunately part of the package when you become a nurse, midwife, doctor or paramedic and to say it’s one of my favourite parts of being … Read More

Interview: Hannah Wall – Ambulance Paramedic
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Hannah Wall is an adventurous and outdoorsy gal who has found her calling as an ambulance paramedic. Hannah embodies the versatility and perseverance required to pursue a successful career in paramedicine and in this post she shares with her insights and journey thus far.

Interview: Kobie Clarke – ICU Clinical Nurse Specialist
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Kobie Clarke is a fun-loving and fast paced Critical Care Nurse and a bit of gypsy at heart. Working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in two Intensive Care Units, as well as in other hospitals around Australia, has armed Kobie with an array of complex skills and a comprehensive understanding of the functioning of the human body. Her progression and journey thus far has been a fascinating and inspiring one…

Interview: Ashleigh Littlehales – Oral Health Therapist
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In the words of one of her besties, Ash is thoughtful (always offering to help others), passionate (about her friends, family and profession) and independent (knows what she wants and works to get it, and doesn’t apologise for who she is). Ash works as an Oral Health Therapist and houses a passion for sharing knowledge, insights, ideas and knowledge on all things dental, utilising her social media platform (@geelonghygienist) to educate individuals on the importance of, and best ways to, ensure good health through oral hygiene.

Interview: Phoebe O’Neill – Caseload Midwife (CMS/RN/RM)
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Phoebe O’Neill is a down-to-earth, committed and enthusiastic caseload midwife whose ethos is to endeavour to improve maternity health outcomes by delivering thorough and personalised care to the women, and families, whom she cares for. Continuity of care has been proven to facilitate better health outcomes for both mother and baby, resulting in increased demand and interest from women to be involved in a caseload model of care.

Interview: Jacquie Le Busque – Paramedic, Lecturer & Academic in the field of Women’s Health medicine and Reproductive health medicine
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Jacquie Le Busque is a passionate and dedicated academic lecturer with specialist knowledge in the fields of Women’s health medicine and Reproductive health medicine. After a 10 year long career as a paramedic Jac shares with us the events that have led her to a shift in career focus and reflections on her time as paramedic.

Interview: Caitlin Robson Hamond – Obstetrics and Gynaecology Registrar
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Caitlin Robson Hamond is a 29 years old, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Registrar @ The Royal Women’s Hospital. Originally from country Victoria (Bendigo), Caitlin is 2 years into a 6 year program to become a Consultant Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and holds a strong passion for adolescent gynaecology and sexual health education.