Golden Mylk

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Golden Mylk
Dairy Free. Gluten Free. Vegan.

This golden mylk is the perfect anti inflammatory beverage to warm you up and leave you feeling satisfied.  Once you have taken it off the heat for a few minutes it will thicken to resemble the consistency of custard or Italian hot chocolate (mine does anyway). This recipe will make two small cups, however let me warn you, you will probably end up consuming the whole batch yourself. I do, every single time. So satisfying and so addictive.

400 ml coconut milk
1 tsp of turmeric
1 tsp of cinnamon
½ tsp of nutmeg
2 cloves
1 star anise
1 tsp of grated ginger
1 tbsp of a sweetener of your choice – rice malt syrup, honey, maple syrup.
½ vanilla bean (or ½ tsp of vanilla essence)
Good grind of pepper
Optional – Sprinkle of chilli

Place coconut milk, spices and ginger in to a pot on the stove top. Slice the vanilla bean stick down the center and scrape the seeds into the coconut milk mixture before putting the rest of the stick in. Simmer on medium heat, stirring occasionally, for 10mins to allow the spices to infuse he coconut milk. Turn off the heat, still in your sweetener and allow the mixture to sit and thicken for a couple of minutes before serving.



Golden Mylk

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