Inner Stillness
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If you’re looking for a bit of inner stillness, go outside and listen to this beautiful tune by Gregory Alan Isakov xxx

5 Simple Self Nourishing Tips
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Does the long list of special diets, 12 week clean eating plans and how to be healthy guides, give you a head spin? You’re not alone. The health industry has blown up in the last few years, leaving lots of people feeling completely overwhelmed. So here are 5 super simple ways to nourish your mind, body and soul during the week.

Tuesday Morning Affirmation
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  Tap into your core, project what you find. Chase what you love. Live your passion. xxx

How To: Food Photography
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Taking a photo that encompasses the beauty of a dish can be quite challenging. Whether you want to impress friends and family with your handy work in the kitchen, promote your business or boost your online profile, there is no denying the power of a well crafted image. Here are some things to consider next time your photographing food.

How To: Become a runner
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Running is hard. If you find yourself sweating like crazy and puffing like a billy when you bust out a slow jog, you’re not alone. However there’s something about running that’s so therapeutic and energizing. It cultivates strength & focus, elevates stress and gets you outdoors into the fresh air. But if you’re “not a runner” where do you start?

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