Happy Gut Broth
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This blend of gut loving ingredients combined creates a nourishing, warming and creamy beverage that can be enjoyed daily to help support and rebuild the structures of the gut lining.

Nightshift Routine
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WOO I can’t wait to start night shift…. said no shift worker ever. Nightshift is unfortunately part of the package when you become a nurse, midwife, doctor or paramedic and to say it’s one of my favourite parts of being … Read More

Berry Layered Cheesecake
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Looking back over old photos and reminiscing over the treats I used to make whilst procrastinating study inspired me to whip up a cashew cheesecake creation. Its delicious and perfect for satisfying that sweet tooth craving.

Interview: Phoebe O’Neill – Caseload Midwife (CMS/RN/RM)
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Phoebe O’Neill is a down-to-earth, committed and enthusiastic caseload midwife whose ethos is to endeavour to improve maternity health outcomes by delivering thorough and personalised care to the women, and families, whom she cares for. Continuity of care has been proven to facilitate better health outcomes for both mother and baby, resulting in increased demand and interest from women to be involved in a caseload model of care.

Essential Oils to Help Fight Lurgies
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When life gets hectic and I start to feel by body heading down the slope towards coughs, colds and fatigue I am so damn thankful that I have a selection of natural solutions at my finger tips to apply topically, diffuse and ingest to give my body the best chance of being able to heal itself naturally. Don’t get me wrong if required I would always utilize western medicine, however my approach is….

‘Zero Waste Living’
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The Zero Waste lifestyle that is being embraced by an increasing number of individuals around the world has inspired many to learn and integrate simple, yet effective, lifestyle changes to decrease their overall waste production and ecological footprint. Here’s how you can use use ‘Zero Waste Living’ principles to reduce your waste production.

Peanut Butter Cups
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Raw peanut butter cups are great for satisfying a sweet tooth, gifting a friend or serving up for dessert. You can also get creative with healthy additional extras to give them a nutritional boost.

Thai Yellow Curry
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Love a Thai curry? Give this one a try! If you’ve been wanting to experiment with making your own paste or you’ve got a vegetarian feast to cook for, this yellow curry is rich in flavour with a bit of a chilli kick. It also freezes well as meal prep.