Homemade Breakfast Topper
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If you’re a bit smoothie fan, or yogurt fan, or even porridge fan it would pay to make your own breakfast topper. Add this premixed selection of nuts, seeds and fruits to your breakfast for a quick nutritional kick. 

Tropical Swirl
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Layering different smoothies not only looks good but tastes good too. Can’t decide what flavour you feel like? Why not have a combination. This recipe only combines two but don’t let that limit you.

Choc Banana Ice-cream
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Chocolate banana ice-cream has saved me from the depths of sugar cravings many times over. The thick, creamy consistency works well when topped with berries or a rich decedent selection.

Banana & Maple French Toast
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WHY AM I USING THESE INGREDIENTS? Why use Wholemeal bread instead of white? Wholemeal bread is full of fibre and retains the nutrients naturally found in the grain such as folate, thiamine, magnesium and vitamin E. This is because the … Read More

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